Ensure you make
the right move

Buying a Business

One of the first and most important things to do is a thorough due diligence

The key to a successful acquisition is to conduct a thorough due diligence. That not only involves an in-depth review of the financial statements and the strength of the cash flows, but an analysis of their revenue channels, the condition of their assets, the quality of management and their employees, contractual obligations and the contributing value of intangibles such as brand, goodwill and market reach. And all of that is dependent on first choosing the right opportunity. Let us help you make that right move by assisting in:


  • Assist in developing an acquisition plan
  • Identification of potential acquisition candidates
  • Develop target analysis report



  • Narrow down list of targets
  • Contact potential targets
  • Gather additional information and evaluate


Managing Transaction

  • Select and engage target
  • Introduce the parties
  • Advise on letter of intent (LOI)
  • Assist in assessment and negotiations


Close Transaction

  • Manage and conduct due diligence
  • Draft and execute purchase agreement

B2B Acquisitions


  • Geographic or product expansion
  • Acquisition of new technology
  • Acquisition to secure supply chain
  • Change in focus of your business


  • Increase revenues and earnings
  • Access to new markets or capital
  • Greater economies of scale
  • Increase purchasing power


Can have strategic or financial motivations but effectively it results in the elimination of a competitor from the marketplace.

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