How much is your
business really worth?

Building Value In Your Business

Build your business to last decades, but be prepared to sell tomorrow.

Exiting might not be your short-term goal, but think what it would mean to have a well-oiled machine in operation at all times. A business that provides you with options that will maximize your wealth as well as your peace of mind. Chances are, your business will represent your largest asset upon retirement. If you’re an owner who’s focused on building the value of this asset, whether that is to drive its economic performance, create a legacy that can be transitioned from generation to the next or to sell to a strategic buyer, then let us help you understand what your business is really worth and the drivers that will net you the greatest return.
Value = Sustainable and Transferable Profits

Chairman’s View

Maximize your enterprise value through Chairman’s View, an integrated software and consulting approach that provides tailored advisory with an ongoing customized dashboard that allows you to monitor your company’s performance and improvements.

The goal is to ensure your company’s value is sustainable and transferable, delivering maximum return on your business investment.

The Chairman’s View process will:
  • Address weaknesses and identify opportunities for growth
  • Allow you to manage your time and team effectively
  • Plan your transition or succession
  • Get your business “pre-due diligence” ready
  • Perform a health check on your business
  • Develop action plans that move you from fire fighter to an effective leader

Our team of Chairman Advisors will help guide you through each step of the process.

CoreValue Software

Business Valuation & Evaluation Software

How much is your business really worth?
It may be worth more than you think…

  • Discover your company’s position on a value scale (compared to top performing companies)
  • Discover how much more your company could be worth (value gap)
  • Discover your company’s critical drivers of value
  • Discover your company’s opportunities for growth

Find out more about your business using our CoreValue Software Reports

WelchGroup challenged our thinking and broke down the items that we needed to work on. It allowed us to focus in and get our business to the next level.”

– Michael Hapke, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

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